After the last update, my ISP changed a lot of the router “features”. Firstly they closed the telnet port and secondly, they encoded the settings config file. As I need these two “features” I tried to get root permissions to try and re-enable them.

Because the web interface is pretty basic I connected through the serial port to enable them. The UART port of this device is located on the left front corner of the PCB. The baud rate speed is 115200.


Some of the router’s specs (copied from):

  • Chassis PCB – BZRD0 V1.0
  • CPU – U100 TrenChip TC3162U-LQ128G
  • SDRAM- EtronTech EM6381165TS-6G
  • SPI Flash – Winbond 25Q16BVSIG

Below you can find the different pins:

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