Boost WiFi signal by increasing Tx power 

From the beginning of the September, I am an owner of Xiaomi MI4C which was one of the best options for its money. All features are great and by far the best for its price range. Anyway!
I was in a lot of situations where there was a wifi

The way to increase the tx power on other brands of smartphones(in most cases) all have to do to enter on a terminal with root privileges


iwconfig wlan0 txpower 30(accordingly)

And then you’ve got a little bit better of reception.

But what about Xiaomi devices? Well, there is the iwconfig but it’s not possible to use it even with root permissions.

What now??

Well after some digging I found out that you can change tx power from a .ini file located at /system/etc/wifi on my device but may differ on yours.


Then the only thing you have to do is to uncomment (if exists)

and add a value(don’t overdo it). Restart your android and then happy browsing 😋

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