My Internet experience in Egypt

I’m in Egypt for an internship through AIESEC’s program, Global Entrepreneur and till now my connection with the world (DSL) is a total disaster.

I arrived here at the 4th of July and I traveled from Cairo to Alexandria(where is my program) via a bus. In the airport, after getting a VISA, there was a kiosk of Orange 4G (one of the main carriers here), and they were offering very cheap Mobile Data prepaid plan (for Greece’s prices (20GB for 8.5€), so I did my papers and got sim card. This was a life saving choice!


If you travel through the city and open your WiFi Settings you will come across with as much as 10 hotspots (!?). The country of Egypt is really underdeveloped in matter of Internet connection. Even if you sit to a Cafe, you will understand that speeds are incredible slow. Even in the library of Alexandria I weren’t able to feel any big difference.

That’s why Mobile Data comes in handy!


Even though there are some “dead-spots” in the city and some down times, your 4G plan is the way to go here! (Just watch out to top it up before it’s too late 😝)

Also another thing worthy mentioning is that you can make also Voice call using your Dragon Units MBs, something really amazing!!

P.S. : I don’t have any problems with the country of the Egypt, I really like the place, the trips, the people everything (also the food 😉), but God damnit, these internet speeds drive me nuts.

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