Use Google Pay contactless payments with unsupported cards

Google pay contactless

All these years I’m a really big fan of all the Google projects that are around. The problem is that leaving in a country (Greece), that isn’t in a big priority all these projects can postpone all these benefits. One feature that I’m excited about is Google Pay contactless payments.

One of the things I was so excited about was the contactless payments using your phone. That was also the reason of buying an NFC supported phone in the first place. For such a long time I was waiting for Google pay to support my Greek debit cards, something that never happened, so I started taking action.

Downloading Google Pay


The first and most obvious thing was to download Google pay app. We should download it from third-party store, as it’s not available in an unsupported country’s store. Having the .APK file in your hands the installation is straight forward.

After that you should connect your Google account so that you can be able to use the already registered payment methods.

Unsupported card!?

Setting up my cards and going also to setup contactless in-store support, you come up with this message.


As I mentioned my debit cards are unsupported (Piraeus, NBG). So we can’t use the cards in a straight forward way. If you’ve ever came across my blog, you would notice that am a big fan of Fintech startups.

One card to rule them all

One of the startups that am a fan of is Curve, where you can connect all your cards into one. Curve is a UK based startup, a Google Pay supported country. After downloading Curve (get 5£ using link), setting up, and verifying your account you are able to use any of your unsupported cards.


The only thing now you have to do, is to connect your Curve card as a Google Pay method (locate card number at the account tab). You are ready for some Google Pay contactless payments.

If you stuck anywhere in the process leave a comment down below and I will more than glad to help

2 thoughts on “Use Google Pay contactless payments with unsupported cards”

  1. Hi, I have my curve card and I am located in Malta, however Google pay will still not allow my card to be used for contactless payments. Any ideas?
    Thank you

    1. Hey Mark,
      It seems that Google Pay documented which countries can access the contactless payment feature here and it seems that Malta is not yet added to this list.

      Best regards

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