Bitcoin trading strategy – 4EMA for Metatrader 4 (Download)

Having started forex trading (for fun, not a pro) I’m always curious about finding the best strategies to use. Even though I read a lot of times that BTC trading is risky, I took my chance to try it out (as we are talking for small lot sizes).

Move Messenger’s plugin chat position on WordPress

If you installed Messenger’s official plugin for WordPress, you will see that after the initial setup it’s not customizable… For example, I would like to put some bottom margin so that it doesn’t overlap the footer’s social icons, but there was no way of doing it through the plugin settings.

Gnome Screensaver Language Switch simple workaround

After installing Budgie desktop on my Debian machine I am unable to switch between languages using Alt+Shift Key on the lock screen. The Keys combination works perfectly on the Desktop environment but if I lock my device with the wrong Language (Greek/English Layouts) I get locked out of.