Cash withdrawal abroad. My experience with Revolut!

As I said on my last post I’m currently in Egypt for my internship through AIESEC’s program Global Entrepreneur. One of the first things I checked before coming here was the fees for cash withdrawals. My debit card had 4€ + 2% of withdrawal amount, so using it wasn’t an option!

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Quick fix!? “dpkg: error: dpkg frontend is locked by another process”

Tried to install a .deb package but I was always getting:

dpkg: error: dpkg frontend is locked by another process
Code language: HTTP (http)

I couldn’t find any answers after Googling and no process was using dpkg.

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Gnome Screensaver Language Switch simple workaround

After installing Budgie desktop on my Debian machine I am unable to switch between languages using Alt+Shift Key on the lock screen. The Keys combination works perfectly on the Desktop environment but if I lock my device with the wrong Language (Greek/English Layouts) I get locked out of.

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TCC the way to go!

–This is an advice if you want a ready-to-go solution for a few lines of code. Use an IDE of your choice for big projects–Just started my University Studies and the first thing we have started learning is C. Well it was my first time meeting this language(as it was unnecessary in the past) but it was ok for its features(i’m JAVA fan).

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Fix Messenger Chat-Head Pop-up MIUI

I just received my Xiaomi MI4C and started to download and install apps. When I installed the Facebook Messenger I was able to send and receive messages but there weren’t any Chat-Heads popping up. So I googled a little bit and I found that this is cause MIUI permission manager.

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