Fix PlayOnLinux: “wine package website is unavailable” error

After trying to install AfterEffects on my Linux machine using PlayOnLinux, I came up with this error showing up:

Error in POL_Wine_InstallVersion
Unable to find version: 3.21

Opening “Manage wine versions” option on menu showed up “wine package website is unavailable”

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Email signature for AIESEC Members

Being an AIESEC Member is a responsibility to communicate with a lot and different people via my email. For being completely clear who I am and other forms of communication that someone can use, I need to have a beautiful and straightforward email signature. I was able to make one by some older members but why not have an automated generator for making things easier 😉

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Gnome Screensaver Language Switch simple workaround

After installing Budgie desktop on my Debian machine I am unable to switch between languages using Alt+Shift Key on the lock screen. The Keys combination works perfectly on the Desktop environment but if I lock my device with the wrong Language (Greek/English Layouts) I get locked out of.

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