TCC the way to go!

–This is an advice if you want a ready-to-go solution for a few lines of code. Use an IDE of your choice for big projects–Just started my University Studies and the first thing we have started learning is C. Well it was my first time meeting this language(as it was unnecessary in the past) but it was ok for its features(i’m JAVA fan).

The IDE they told us to use is Codeblocks.🤢 Well, it has really straightforward installation but the UI is ugly af. I was already used to Sublime Text so the only thing I had to do was to find a ready-to-go compiler. The winner was the Tiny C Compiler(TCC) which was ready for use after decompiling it on a USB drive. Then just run

tcc -run <file.c>


and you are done. Now you can have a portable solution for your small-projects 😉

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