Is Netflix’s mailserver being monitored?

This period of time is one of the biggest turnarounds you would ever imagine. A global quarantine making us stuck at home!? It seems like a science-fiction movie.

Right now that everyone is using technology to get in touch with their beloved ones or to have some entertaining time using tech’s gift: the streaming platforms, is an everyday thing right now.

So in this crucial time and when the whole streaming on-demand got increased, hackers are doing their best to scam everyday users.

Some facts


For the past 2 months, the scam emails in my mailbox increased rapidly, something that is a fact. E-mails from tech providers like Apple, Google, PayPal are some examples of what I’ve received in the past days, trying to convince the legitimate purpose of the email, having as an action step to steal your passwords or even your credit card.

Today I received an e-mail from ‘Netflix‘ to update my payment details and after 1 minute, I received also from the official Netflix mailserver.

netflix emails
Fake vs Real mail ‘Netflix’ mail address

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but always keep in mind to check the email sender. You may be trying to have fun on the internet by the cool “virtual reality” features, but always doublethink of what you are clicking!

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