Bitcoin trading strategy – 4EMA for Metatrader 4 (Download)

Having started forex trading (for fun, not a pro) I’m always curious about finding the best strategies to use. Even though I read a lot of times that BTC trading is risky, I took my chance to try it out (as we are talking for small lot sizes).

I came across a strategy on YouTube, saying that you can earn up to 100$ a day using 4EMA strategy so I jumped on it


The point is to buy as soon as the lines are in this order. Check the full video for a better understanding anyway 😉

Well, I’m using MetaTrader 4 for trading so I thought it would be a good idea to adopt these indicators in .mq4.

Download it here

It’s my first try on mq4 ever so it, may not be as precise, but anyway it seems to be pretty fine for now!

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